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5 Crucial Tips For Creating an Effective Business Card


A business card is a small, yet powerful tool. It's the first impression you give to someone and can make or break any business deal. There are many ways to stand out from the pack when it comes to business cards, but there are also mistakes that should be avoided. The following five tips will help you create the perfect business card!


1) Avoid including too much information on your business cards

A business card should provide a quick and easy indication of who you are and what your organisation does. Business cards are often viewed quickly and passed around between others, so make sure that all the important details - such as your logo and contact details - are clearly displayed.

Keep the design simple and clear. Only use text if it's important to communicate something specific about who you are or what your business does. The more cluttered the card becomes, the less effective it will be in communicating its message quickly and effectively. You can't fit everything about yourself on one card, so make sure what you include is important and relevant to the person reading it.


2) Make sure your contact information is easy to find

At the end of the day, the primary purpose of a business card is to help someone connect with you. If they can't find your contact information, then it's useless to them! Make sure that all of your business cards clearly contain:

  • - Your name and job title
  • - Your organisation's name and/or logo
  • - Contact details such as phone number, website and email address
  • - Don't forget to include your social media handles too!


3) Ensure your business cards have a professional look

Business cards often serve as the first introduction to your brand, so it's important that they reflect the personality of both you and your organisation. Quality card stock, a well-designed layout and a special finish such as spot UV will combine to create an image that is both professional and approachable.


4) Give recipients space for notes

It's always a good idea to leave a little bit of space to allow people to add hand written notes. Recipients of your business cards may want to note where you met or what products or services they're interested in.


5) Consider personal touches

Having a memorable business card is essential so that you stand out from your competition. Consider including something personal to make your cards unique and help you to appear more approachable. For instance, each member of the StressFreePrint team has a business card which includes a photo of their happy place alongside the hashtag #MyStressFree. This unusual and unique touch conveys the ethos behind our brand and provides an insight into the personality of the individual. It also acts as a great ice breaker and conversation starter at networking events!


6) Our bonus tip...

Finally, once you've taken delivery of your business cards, make sure you keep some to hand at all times. Whatever you do, don't just stick them in a drawer and forget about them! There are always opportunities to put your business cards to use, whether it's including them alongside correspondence and order consignments, posting them through letterboxes, or leaving them in waiting rooms, bars, airports, taxis and trains. You'd be surprised how effective these simple activities can be at increasing your brand awareness and driving new enquiries for your business.